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When you visit our website, information about you will be collected to adapt and improve our content shown to you. If you wish not to have information about you collected, you should delete your cookies and refrain from further use of the website. Below we have elaborated on what information is being collected, their purpose and which third parts has access to them.


The website uses “cookies”, a text file which is saved on your computer, phone or other electronic devices. Its purpose is to recognize it, remember settings and perform statistics. Cookies cannot contain hurtful content like for example virus.

It is possible to delete or block cookies. See instructions

Sådan sletter du cookies og anden browserdata

If you delete or block cookies you can risk that the website does not work optimally and at the same time, content in which you cannot get access to.

The website contains cookies from third parts which to varying degrees may include:

Personal information:


Personal information of all sorts is information, which in some extent can be attributed to you. When you use our website, we collect and process information like those.

Typically, we collect and process the following types of information:

  • A unique ID and technical information about your computer, tablet or cellphone.
  • Your IP-number
  • Geographical placement
  • Which websites you visit

In the extent you give your consent and you yourself enter the information, your name, phone number, email address, home address and payment information. It will typically be in connection with purchases and messages to us..


We process your personal information safely and in confidentiality with current legislation, including the personal data regulation and the data protection act. Your information will be used only for the purpose they have been collected for, and they will be deleted when they no longer fulfill their purpose. We have decided technical and organizational measures against your information accidentally or illegally gets deleted, published, lost, deteriorated or comes to the knowledge of unauthorized persons, gets abused or otherwise treated in violation of the law.


The information is used for registration of your purchases and payments, and to deliver the services you have been asking for, like for ex. to forward a newsletter. We also use the information to optimize our services and content.

Storage period:

The information is stored in the timeframe allowed according to the legislation, and we delete them when they are not needed anymore. The period depends on the character of the information and the background for storage. It is therefore not possible to give an overall timeframe for when information gets deleted.

Disclosure of information:

Data of your use of the website, which ads you receive and possibly click on, geographical placement, gender and age segment and so on is passed on to third parties in the extent the information is known. You can see which third parties are involved in the section on “Cookies” above. The information is used for targeting advertising.

We use several third parties for storage and processing of data. These processes only information on our behalf and may not use them for our own purposes.

Disclosure of personal information like name and email address, will only happen if you allow it. We only use data processors in the EU or in countries that can give your information an adequate protection.

Insights and complaints:

You have the right to be informed on which personal information we process about you in an ordinary format (data portability). You can also, at any time, object against information being used. You can also revoke your consent to information about you being processed. If this information being processed about you is wrong, you have the right to them being corrected or deleted. Inquiry about this can be made to: If you want to complain about our processing of your personal information, you can also contact Datatilsynet.
If you do not wish us to process your personal information, or that we should limit the process of your personal information, you can also send us a request for this to the above email.

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Hotel Friheden ApS
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3770 Allinge
Telefon: 56480425

Personal data policy at Hotel Friheden ApS

We only collect personal information I those cases where it is relevant for us, and we will only collect personal information if it is relevant for your activity at Hotel Friheden ApS.

By collecting, processing and using your personal information, we always comply with all relevant legal provisions.

We will only store your personal information if we are either subject to a legal obligation, or as long its relevant for the purpose it has been collected for.

Information we collect:

If you wish to buy and receive a product or a service from us, we need to collect certain personal information to be able to complete the transaction and to be able to offer you our services.

We can collect information like:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Mailing address
  • Delivery address (if not identical to the mailing address)
  • Phone number
  • Payment information

Hotel Friheden collects and process your personal information when you do the following:

  • Visits our website
  • Buy one of our products
  • Review our website
  • Sends us questions, complaints or feedback 

The data controller:

The data controller for collecting, processing and use of your personal information on is Hotel Friheden ApS, Tejnvej 80, 3770 Allinge, cvr number: 40704620.

Basis for processing and purpose:

Your ordinary contact information like name and address we collect to be able to deliver the product or the service, which you have purchased from us. We collect your email address to be able to send you an order confirmation and a delivery confirmation.

When you pay for your product or your service, we collect your name, your card details and IP-address. Those information’s being collected in connection with payment transactions, is used and saved only for payment settlement and fulfillment of the incoming agreement. When making payments, some of your data will be passed on to DIBS, including information necessary to complete or support the payment, like the total purchase amount and billing information.

if you do not want to provide your personal information which is required to complete a purchase, you unfortunately do not have the possibility to buy products from us on our website.

Other recipients of personal information:

We do not sell your personal information to third parties and we do not transfer your personal information to third countries.

If you choose to review our website, your name and your email address will be transferred to the reviewing websites and

We have our own website at and paying system through DIBS, which works like our data controller. All personal information you share on our website will be stored in the datacenters of

We use external companies as suppliers to deliver our services as best as possible. These external suppliers are data processors and processes in certain cases, personal information in connection to their delivery of services to us. Our data processors only process personal information following our instructions and in accordance with legal requirements to data processors.

We have made data processor deals with data processors, which is our guarantee that they comply with applicable rules about protection of your personal information.

Your rights:

As the registered you have several rights which we must always ensure. You have the right to request us the following:

  • To gain access to and get corrected/deleted your personal information
  • To get your personal information deleted

You also have the right to protest the treatment of your personal information, and you have the right to complain to a data protection authority.

If you do not wish us to process your personal information, or that we should limit the process of your personal information, you can also send us a request about it to our email address:

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